This app is specially designed for students aged 5-13 years

Who is this app for?

Idioms by Grade is a powerful resource for Teachers, Resource Specialists, Speech

Grade Appropriate

Some conversations are based on grade level concepts such as Wetlands in Fourth grade.

Research based

Research shows context improves understanding of idiomatic expressions. This is the pedagogy we adopted in this app


Studio recording of conversations


Conversations based on school and classroom related topics

Simple to use & Easy to remember

Simple, easy navigation to any of the grades. Sleek design to keep distractions to minimum. Rich, friendly conversations not only keep students engaged but also make idioms easy to remember and retrieve for later use

Carefully designed

Developed by educators, this app is carefully designed to capture some of the age- appropriate conversations that take place both in general conversations and in the classroom
Research shows context improves understanding of idiomatic expressions. This is the pedagogy we adopted in this app

Grade appropriate

Grade appropriate conversations. For example,
  • Conversation on Wetlands in Grade IV, 4th idiom
  • Conversation on Bill of Rights in Grade V, 9th idiom

People Behind Idioms by Grade

We believe in Quality over Quantity.

Ram Gangisetty
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Ram Gangisetty

Ram is an educator and visionary. He is passionate about application of technology for creating educated society. He loves to embrace technology to create kinder, better world.

San Jose, CA

Peter Wicher
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Peter Wicher

Peter is a technology marketing and sales veteran who is passionate about enabling persons with learning disabilities to access the best possible remediation programs.

San Mateo, CA

Juno Naranjo
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Juno Naranjo

Student, Newark , CA.

Arlene L Ramirez
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Arlene L Ramirez

San Jose, Ca

  • It’s a cool looking app that would be great to use in a class.

Pricing FAQ

Are you planning for more content?

Yes. This is first build.  Currently the app contains 76 idioms. We are eager to add more content.

How can I communicate my feedback?

We value your input. For questions, suggestions, and new ideas, please email us through contact us at the bottom of this webpage.

Why charge?

This app is a result of many sleepless nights and sweet labor from 8 year old to working adults. Studio recordings and app store submissions weren’t free either.

How can I get a free app?

However, as educators we are highly sensitive to funding in classroom. We hate to see dollars come in the way of learning of any student. We would be happy to send you a free code (provided we still have one of 60 free codes) if you send us an email below.